An Access Control system allows you to limit who can access your building.

Whilst traditional locks and keys can secure your premises, it can be an unpleasant inconvenience when keys are stolen or mislaid. Replacing locks and issuing new keys can be costly and disruptive. Many keys can also be easily duplicated, which creates a security risk, particularly as you can’t ‘link’ a key with a specific individual.

Regardless of the size of a business, all companies need to protect their staff, property and assets. It can be cumbersome to unlock a door with a key every time you pass through it – so typically, in many businesses doors are simply left unlocked during the day. Unfortunately, this makes it possible for an opportunist thief or vandal to roam relatively unhindered.

An access control system offers a simple and convenient way to secure your property and its contents. With an access control system installed, you’ll never need to change a lock again. Cards or fobs (tokens) are issued to individuals to allow them access through the controlled doors. In the event that the token is lost or stolen, or the member of staff leaves without returning their token, it can simply be barred from the system, rendering it useless – as it will no longer open any controlled doors.